Our Story

The Team 

All great stories begin with a vision, and the story behind Optique et Vision (OV) is no different.

The Bassil Family had a dream of offering the highest quality vision care services in Lebanon in 1948, and today their dream has become a reality.

As one of the first optometrists in the Middle East, George Bassil opened his first shop in 1948 in Downtown Beirut. With unparalleled services and strong community values, the family business was able to expand into numerous branches that offered both retail and wholesale business services.

Despite the numerous challenges in Lebanon, the OV family grew a few years later with a second generation of optometrists in the Bassil Family as well as an incredibly qualified team of experts.

Today, OV has become the landmark for anyone searching for expertise in the field of optometry and vision care. By forming long-lasting relationships with our employees and clients, we have been able to always be ready to help and support our community with their visual needs.

Over the years, we have firmly asserted ourselves as a leader in the high-end optical services industry and our passion for eyewear and vision care has always been a source of pride from one generation to the next. Through uncompromised determination, we have been able to maintain international standards for opticians in all aspects of customer service, memorable in shop experience, superior product lines and long-lasting relationships with our loyal clientele.

Our Values

Customers First

Our priority is providing premium Customer service and building long-lasting relationships with customers and the community.

Breaking Barriers

Limitations are not an obstacle, but a challenge. We aim to overcome the challenges in the market and continue to expand.

Premium Optical Expertise

Delivering the highest quality of eye-care with certified optometrists and an exceptional team of experts. 

Innovation Driven

With the constant advances in eye-care technology, we are always expanding and we offer the most developed services for our clients.