Father's Day 2022

Posted by Optique et Vision

To Super Dad , With Extra Love!

If your Dad had a Super Power what would it be?

Gift your Dad a pair that matches his powers.

Explore our selection and find him the perfect fit.

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Super Strength Powers
Not only has he the strength to lift you up, but he is also your coach, always ready to play.
He lives in sneakers and never misses one of your games.
His Powers calls for a top-quality, resistant or sporty eyewear.

              Porsche Design

               Undostrial Springe
Teleportation Powers
He has the ability to transport you to different time zones and worlds whenever he reads you a story.
Whenever it's from a book or his digital tablet, Readers or Blue Light Blockers will protect his vision just right.

Ready Blue-Light Control Glasses
               650,000 LBP
Oreaders By Framed! TM
Environmental Powers
Is his power all about being one with nature, protecting the planet and what surrounds him?
Than, support his vision with eyewear made from organic, eco-friendly material.

                         90 $

             UnFramed! Home Brand
                      640,000 LBP
Prince Charming Powers
No one can resist his classiness and charisma.
This calls for a classy, top-quality, light eyewear that enhances the charm of his smile.

             Oliver Peoples Jacon
                         200 $

             Haffman & Neumeister
                         515 $
Joker Powers
He never takes anything seriously.
He can easily avert any tantrum with a dad joke and get you giggling like nobody's business.
This asks for a funky, extra-ordinary, unique eyewear.

          Theo Armstrong 

       UnFramed! Home Brand
             1,450,000 LBP


Father's Day Offer :
Get him a Gift Voucher worth 50%
of your Frames/Sunglasses purchase